Bartender (Operator) Application
Application for license to serve fermented malt beverages and intoxicating liquors.

Beekeeping Permit
This is the application for permit for beekeeping on public or private property.

Chicken Keeping Permit
Application for permit for chicken keeping as personal, and not commercial use.

Dog License Online Application
Application for a dog license in the City of Kaukauna.

Fireworks Permit
Firework Stands are required to use this application when applying for a permit to sell fireworks.

Fireworks Rules
These are the requirements when selling fireworks.

KATODA Brochure
Information and resources on the Kaukauna Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug Prevention Board.

Municipal Code
Municipal Code of the City of Kaukauna.

Outdoor Alcoholic Beverage Area Application
Permit needed by establishments if they have alcohol being served or drank outside.

Sidewalk Builders License

Sidewalk Display and Sidewalk Cafe Permit
Businesses that are located in the downtown area (zoning classification: Commercial Core District) may place signage, planters and outdoor seating in public right-of-way (sidewalk) with a permit. The Sidewalk Display / Café Permit should be completed annually by businesses prior to placing any items in the public right-of-way.

Solicitor’s License
This is the application for a peddler, canvasser, solicitor, or transient merchant. The investigation fee is $15.00. This application goes to the Police Department first for a record check and then gets approval by the City Council. The license is valid for a calendar year from January through December.

  • Solicitor’s Ordinance – This ordinance is for peddlers, canvassers, solicitors, and transient merchants. Please read to see if you need a license before selling in the City of Kaukauna.

Special Event Fence Permit
Please use this application when applying for a picnic permit.

  • Special Event Rules – These are the requirements for a fence permit when applying for a picnic license.