Insurance Claims

Liability Claims

If you believe you or your property have obtained injury or damage that the City is liable for, please fill out the appropriate Liability Claim form located at the below links.  Please be sure to include all information requested in the form and be as detailed as possible.

What to expect during the Liability Claim Processing

  1. Claimant submits form via website
  2. City finance Department sends claim form into City’s Insurance Carrier
  3. Insurance Carrier reviews claims and sends letter to City on Approval or denial decision
  4. City Council reviews and approves decision from Insurance Carrier
  5. Claimant receives a letter from City Clerk’s office informing them on the status of their claim.

**Note this Process could take up to six weeks**

Personal Injury Claim Form

Property Damage Liability Claim Form

Incident Claim Involving City owned vehicle

If you believe you’ve been involved in an incident with a city owned vehicle while traveling on the road please submit the below form.  Please ensure to indicate what police department drafted the incident report.  Be as descriptive as possible when explaining what you believe happened to cause the incident you are reporting.

Incident Report Form