Master Plan

The City of Kaukauna features 35 City-owned parks and open spaces. There are a number of privately owned and operated open spaces, as well as school-owned parks that contribute an additional 270 acres of parks and open spaces. These 35 open spaces make up 458 acres of dedicated park and open space in the City limits and feature a wide range of settings, amenities, and natural environments.

To view the City of Kaukauna Recreation and Open Space Master Plan, click here, or for each individual chapter, see below:

  • Chapter 1 – Introduction and Statement of Need
  • Chapter 2 – Goals, Strategies, and a Community Vision
  • Chapter 3 – Parks and Recreation Standards
  • Chapter 4 – Planning Process
  • Chapter 5 – Summary of Past Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plans
  • Chapter 6 – Description of the Social Characteristics of the Planning Region
  • Chapter 7 – Description of the Physical Characteristics of the Planning Region
  • Chapter 8 – Outdoor Recreation Supply Inventory
  • Chapter 9 – Outdoor Recreation Needs Assessment
  • Chapter 10 – Recommendations for Outdoor Recreation Provision
  • Chapter 11 – Appendix – Supporting data, tabular data, graphics, maps, tables