Quality of Life

Cost of Living

  • The median value of a single-family home in the City of Kaukauna is $151,000 and median home cost is $139,600.
  • Food and groceries are, on average, 11% lower than the national average.
  • Water and electricity rates in Kaukauna are the lowest in the Fox Cities.
  • Overall cost of living in the Fox Cities is 18% less than living in Madison (WI), 22% less expensive than living in Minneapolis (MN), and 24% less expensive than living in Chicago (IL).


  • 25% of the population of Kaukauna is under the age of 20.
  • Kaukauna’s public school system serves over 4,000 4K-12th grade students from 9 surrounding communities.
  • Kaukauna’s schools offer a supportive, respectful and encouraging environment that fosters student success.
  • A number of high quality private and charter schools support area families with varying educational goals and needs.

Living Here

  • Kaukauna’s housing stock is primarily made up of single-family homes, with pre-1970 character homes in the near downtown neighborhoods and new construction subdivisions on our urban edges.
  • The City of Kaukauna is actively engaged in supporting efforts to revitalize housing stock in existing neighborhoods, such as the development of new homes at the site of the (decommissioned) former St. Aloysius Church and School and within the historic downtown district.
  • As populations in Northeast Wisconsin continue to age, the City of Kaukauna hopes to encourage housing modifications and new housing development that allows seniors the ability to age safely in the comfort of their own home.
  • The City of Kaukauna strives to be inclusive of all demographics with accessible and affordable, high quality housing stock.


  • Kaukauna Utilities (the municipally-owned water and electric utility) generates 25% of its power from renewable hydroelectricity, generated from the Fox River.
  • The City of Kaukauna municipal complex (Municipal Services Building, Fire Station and SPAR (Street Parks and Recreation) Building make up one of the greenest complexes in the state. Not only are our municipal buildings built to LEED sustainability standards, they utilize solar power generation, geothermal heating and cooling and power-saving features to reduce the City’s carbon footprint.
  • Kaukauna offers FREE electric vehicle charging stations in four locations in the City’s downtown district for electric vehicle users visiting our community. Find the stations on Charge Point’s website by typing in the zipcode: 54130 and selecting FREE under the price filter.
  • The 1000 Islands Environmental Center was established by Kaukauna’s Common Council fifty years ago and preserves more than 300 acres of conservancy zone. The Center features outdoor education for youth and adults, a barrier-free boardwalk and a 7+ mile trail network and extensive bird habitat.

Health and Wellness

  • Kaukauna features more than two dozen designated City parks, urban spaces and natural spaces. Whether you seek traditional playground equipment, kayak launches, live music performances or a quiet place to read a book – our wide range of outdoor spaces encourages physical activity and social interactions in nature and off devices.
  • Kaukauna’s expanding trail network includes a paved portion of the Outagamie County “CE” (College Avenue) trail, the crushed gravel Konkapot Trail, and the paved Sculpture Garden Trail. New trail connections will bridge the Village of Little Chute and the City of Kaukauna via the David and Rita Nelson Family Heritage Crossing.
  • The City of Kaukauna is one of the most connected Fox Cities communities in terms of sidewalk connectivity. Sidewalk installation in all neighborhoods ensures that our community is walkable, accessible for those who drive and do not drive, and encourages ‘more active eyes’ – which keep our neighborhoods safe.

Things to Do