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City of Kaukauna

2022 Proposed Budget

The 2022 Proposed budget is completed and can be viewed at the following link 2022 Proposed Budget

This budget public hearing will be on November 16, 2021, at 7:00 P.M. at the council meeting at the Municipal Services Building, 144 W Second Street.

In this proposed budget, the levy dollars increased $709,680 while the assessed tax rate for the City of Kaukauna is proposed to decrease by 15.46%.  The City mill rate is expected to decrease from $9.87 to $8.34 ($1.53).  The assessed tax rate for the City overlapping municipal tax jurisdiction is projected to decrease 21.82% or $5.11/$1,000.   The expected overlapping tax rate is expected to be $18.32, down from last year’s rate of $23.43.

Things happening in this budget include:

  • A steady increase in Equalized Value within the City of Kaukauna
  • Completed reevaluation in the commercial and residential assessment classes
  • More conservative user fee revenue budgeting with the pandemic still working itself out
  • Some increases and decreases in some Tax revenues
  • Slight increase in state aid
  • Inflation with Goods and Services the City purchases

Needs being addressed in this budget:

  • Adding a Community Enrichment Service Director position
  • Converting a contracted Human Resource Position to a Full-time City Employee
  • Converting a contracted Library position to a Full-time City employee
  • Software program in the Inspection area to improve the interaction with the public and efficiencies
  • Nelson Crossing Walking Bridge

The Citywide reevaluation will cause different fluctuations for each property owner’s tax bill within the city.  In years past the rate change was indicative of what each property owner could expect in the change in their tax bill.  The 2021 tax levy will be different as each property owner has a different change in the value of their home with the revaluation.  The revaluation eliminated the inequities we had throughout the City since the last time the revaluation was conducted in 2009.

With the proposed numbers mentioned above, the average overall property tax increase for each property owner is estimated to be $64.61.  The largest increase is $23,132 while the largest decrease is $54,347.  Forty-two percent of property owners are expected to see a decrease in their property tax bill while 16% are expected to see an increase between $0-100.  The remaining 42% of property owners are expected to see an increase of over $100.

***Note the numbers above are estimates and are not yet final. Any change to the levy or estimated values that are being used will change the final number.  These numbers should be used for conversational purposes only.****