Do I need an Erosion Control & Stormwater Management Permit for my Construction Project?

Apply for an Erosion Control & Stormwater Management Permit if your site meets any of the following:

  • 4,000 square feet or greater of land disturbing activity, or
  • 100 cubic yards or greater of excavation volume, filling volume, or some combination of excavation and filling volume, or
  • 100 linear feet or greater of land disturbance to a highway, street, driveway, swale, ditch, waters of the state, wetland, protective area, or other non-agricultural drainage facility which conveys concentrated flow

Who is exempt from obtaining an Erosion Control & Stormwater Management Permit?

Construction Sites are exempt from Erosion Control & Stormwater Management Permits if they meet any of the following:

  1. 1- and 2-family residential dwellings that are not part of a larger common plan of development or sale and that result in less than 1 acre of disturbance.
  2. Non-point discharges from agricultural activity areas.
  3. Non-point discharges from silviculture activities.
  4. Mill and crush operations.

What are acceptable Erosion Control Products?

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation Product Acceptability List contains Erosion Control products that are also accepted by the City of Kaukauna. Please see “Links” page.

What fees are associated with Erosion Control and Stormwater Management Permits?

Please see the “Erosion Control Fees” and “Stormwater Management Fees” under the Forms/Documents page.

What is a Storm Water Utility?

Simply put, a storm water utility is a program that funds and manages rain water, snow melt, and run off. The Storm Water Utility is a municipal utility district that operates in the same fashion as a sanitary sewer or water utility.
(See FORMS page for more information)

What should I do if I see an illicit discharge or other stormwater violation?

Please fill out an “Information Submitted By The Public” form that can be found on the Forms/Documents page and submit it to the City of Kaukauna. If the issue may endanger life or limb, please call 911 or the City of Kaukauna Engineering Department at 920-766-6305 immediately.