The Kaukauna Fire Department publishes application announcements in times of hiring. Thank you for your interest. Click here for the City of Kaukauna employment page.

Can I have a fire pit in the City of Kaukauna?

Yes. Please follow the guidelines as listed in the announcements tab of our website.

Do I need a burning permit to burn?

Yes, a permit is needed if you burn any yard waste such as leaves or brush.

Does the Kaukauna Fire Department have a firefighter intern program?

Yes. Our intern program is available and coordinated in conjunction with those individuals enrolled in the Fire Protection Program at Fox Valley Technical College.

Does the Kaukauna Fire Department have volunteers?

No, the Kaukauna Fire Department is a full-time career department. The Department does however utilize Paid-on-Call staff.

How do I get a burning permit?

Burning permits are available at the Fire Department.

How is the Kaukauna Fire Department staffed?

Kaukauna Fire Department is a full-time career fire department that is staffed full-time with Fire Fighter/Paramedics. We also have a Paid-On-Call staff of Fire Fighters that is used for various fire related situations. The Kaukauna Fire Department consists of a Fire Chief, 4 Assistant Fire Chiefs, 3 Lieutenants, and 12 line personnel of various ranks represented by Kaukauna Fire Fighters Union Local 1594. In addition, there are 12 paid-on-call Fire Fighters as noted above.

How much do I get charged for the Fire Department responding to my place of business or residence?

There is no charge for this.

I have a non-emergency related question.

Please contact the departments main number at 920.766.6320, ext. 0 and speak with the on-duty officer.

I have a question regarding my ambulance bill.

Please contact the City of Kaukauna Finance Office at 920.766.6312.

Is there a fee for burning permits?

No, burning permits are free of charge.

Is there a ride-along program with the Kaukauna Fire Department?

Yes. Our ride-along program is specifically designed for those individuals who are currently enrolled in either the EMT-Basic or EMT-Paramedic program at Fox Valley Technical College.

What qualifications are required for employment with the City of Kaukauna Fire Department?

Entry level Full-time employees are required to be a Certified Fire Fighter I and current licensure as a State of Wisconsin Paramedic.

Why is the boat launch at Riverside Park periodically closed?

When more than three Splicer Gates are open, the current in the river is too swift to allow safe boating.