Am I entitled to a court appointed lawyer for a City citation if I can’t afford one?

Not for a municipal court case. They are not “criminal” proceedings but rather are ordinance violations, which are considered “civil” offenses.

Can I make someone be a witness for me in a City case?

Yes, however you must contact the Clerk of Municipal Courts at 920.766.6333 well in advance of your Court date to obtain a subpoena form. You must prepare the form, get it signed by the Municipal Judge and have it served upon the witness. Also, you must pay the necessary $5.00 witness fee and travel reimbursement of $.20 per mile round trip to the witness at the time the subpoena is served.

Do you represent individuals who live in Kaukauna if they have legal needs?

Not at City expense. You are responsible to pay for any legal representation you require for your personal needs.

May I talk to you about a City of Kaukauna ticket that I received?

Yes – after you have followed the instructions on your ticket by either appearing as ordered before the Municipal Judge and pleading “not guilty” or by doing so by letter, if permitted on your citation. A few days after that, you may contact my office at 920.766.6318 to schedule a time to meet. If you have not yet appeared, or entered a plea with the Municipal Court, the City Attorney’s Office will not have access to any information regarding your citation or ticket.

May I talk to you for help with a dispute with or complaint against the City of Kaukauna, the Kaukauna Police Department, or the Kaukauna Fire Department?

No – you should consult with your own attorney before contacting my office. I represent the City and all of its operations, and information that you share with my office could impact your legal rights.

May I talk to you about a neighbor I believe is violating City Code or the law?

Unfortunately, I cannot provide legal advice to residents and the public.  If you believe a neighbor is violating the code or law, you should either contact the appropriate city department (generally Planning and Building Inspection or Police, depending on the nature of the alleged violation) or consult with your own attorney.  In many instances, neighboring property owners have private disputes for which the City of Kaukauna has no jurisdictional authority to resolve – these are best handled with your own attorney’s assistance.

May I talk to you about how to interpret the Municipal Code?

Again, unfortunately I cannot provide legal advice to residents and the public.  Interpretation of the Code is legal advice, so even in areas where it seems rather simple and clear, my ethical obligations under Wisconsin Supreme Court Rules Regulating Conduct of Lawyers, prohibits me from providing such advice. IF you are planning on doing something that you believe may or may not be in violation of code, you may want to consult with a qualified attorney to ensure you have a dependable interpretation.