Property Tax Assistance Information

For additional questions on property tax assistance, please contact:

Homestead tax credit

  • Income-based property tax credit program for homeowner and renters
  • Reduces the property tax burden through a direct payment to low and moderate-income Wisconsin residents
  • Amount of the benefit varies, depending on total household income and property tax liability
  • Renters count part of their rent as property taxes

For more information, contact:

 Wisconsin Department of Revenue, Homestead Credit Unit
 PO Box 8906
 Madison, WI 53708 8906
 (608) 266 8641


Property tax deferral loan program

  • Provides loans to qualifying elderly homeowners to help pay for property taxes
  • Principal and interest are repaid when you transfer ownership of your home or move from your home
  • Loan becomes a lien against your property
  • Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority (WHEDA) operates this program

For more information, contact:

Property Tax Deferral Loan Program, WHEDA
PO Box 1728, Madison, WI 53701-1728
(800) 755-7835       


Assistance for the elderly

  • Voluntary Income Tax Assistance information (VITA) and Tax Counseling for the Elderly (TCE) information is located on DOR’s website
  • VITA is listed by county. These sites are designed to work on income taxes. The program also assists individuals who qualify for homestead credit or the earned income credit that helps with property taxes.


Property tax exemption for veterans

  • The state of Wisconsin does not offer a property tax exemption for veterans
  • Department of Veterans Affairs administers the Wisconsin Veterans and Surviving Spouses Property Tax Credit program under state law (sec. 71.07(6e), Wis. Stats.)
  • The property tax credit provides a refundable property tax credit to eligible Wisconsin veterans and eligible surviving spouses
  • To be eligible for the property tax credit, the law requires that the veteran was a Wisconsin resident at the time of entry into active service or was a resident of this state for any consecutive five-year period after entry into active service.

For more information, contact:

Department of Veterans Affairs
30 West Mifflin Street, PO Box 7843
Madison, WI 53707-7843
(608) 266-1311
 Fax: (608) 267-0403