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City of Kaukauna

Spring 2023 – Weight Limits

Posted on Mar 6, 2023 by

Effective 7:00am on Wednesday, March 8th, the eight-ton weight limit will be implemented on certain City streets.

Affected streets include:

  1. Boxer St (gravel portion)
  2. Setter Dr (gravel portion)
  3. Greyhound St (gravel portion)
  4. Ashgrove Place (gravel portion)
  5. Hennes Ct.
  6. White Dove Ln
  7. White Birch St (gravel portion)
  8. Antelope Trail (gravel portion)
  9. Bear Paw Trail (gravel portion)
  10. Haas Rd (gravel portion)
  11. White Wolf Ln (gravel portion)
  12. S Weiler Rd
  13. Campfire Ct
  14. Beckett Ln
  15. Snow Goose Way
  16. Ridgecrest Ln (gravel portion)
  17. Nikki Ln (gravel portion)
  18. Ducharme (between “OO” and Renee Ct)

Contact the Street Department with any questions – 920.766.6337.