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City of Kaukauna

2023 Proposed Budget

The 2023 Proposed budget is completed and can be viewed at the following link 2023 Proposed Budget.

This budget public hearing will be on November 15, 2022, at 7:00 P.M. at the council meeting at the Municipal Services Building, 144 W Second Street.

In this proposed budget, the levy dollars increased $1,452,090 and the assessed tax rate for the City of Kaukauna is proposed to increase by 10.17%. The City mill rate is expected to increase from $8.21 to $9.05 (+$0.84). The total assessed tax rate for the City overlapping municipal tax jurisdictions that include County, School District and Technical College is projected to increase 4-5% or $0.72-$0.95/$1,000. The expected overlapping tax rate is expected to be $18.74 – $18.93 , up from last year’s rate of $18.03.

Things happening in this budget include:

  • A steady increase in Equalized Value within the City of Kaukauna
  • Adjustments to user fees with current trends and historical numbers
  • Increases and decreases in various Tax revenues
  • Slight increase in state aid
  • Inflation with Goods and Services the City purchases
  • Navigating the City personnel and staffing levels with the current labor market
  • Merging Environmental Center & Grignon Mansion Special Revenue funds into the General Fund

Needs being addressed in this budget:

  • Adding additional Police Detective
  • Adding Lieutenant of Training within the Fire Department
  • Adding Youth Services Librarian in lieu of backfilling the assistant Library Director role
  • Restructure of the City’s Information Technology Department
  • Additional Commercial Building Inspection Services

***Note the numbers above are estimates and are not yet final. Any change to the levy or estimated values that are being used will change the final number. These numbers should be used for conversational purposes only.****