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City of Kaukauna

Consider our Code

Posted on Aug 22, 2022 by

From the Kaukauna City Attorney’s Office: Consider Our Code

The City of Kaukauna Common Council has recently held discussion regarding an increase in citizen concerns with various code violations found on properties throughout the City of Kaukauna.  One can readily observe many of these violations, such as uncut weeds, untrimmed trees and shrubs encroaching on public sidewalks, storage of junk and debris, structures dilapidated or in disrepair, vehicles parked on lawns, storage of trailers and commercial vehicles on residential streets –and the list goes on.

I encourage all citizens to “Consider Our Code.”   The Municipal Code is your City’s set of laws, and it covers all of those items mentioned above.

While the general public typically has very little interaction with the City Attorney’s Office, on any given day we are busy addressing issues that impact our citizens, businesses, property owners and visitors to our great City.  One of the many roles that the City Attorney is responsible for is assisting City staff and departments in upholding and enforcing our Municipal Code.  The Municipal Code has been enacted and amended by your elected alderpersons over the many years since Kaukauna first incorporated as a City under the laws of the State of Wisconsin in 1885.  Our Municipal Code is a set of laws designed to ensure protecting and balancing the rights and responsibilities of all stakeholders in a civilized urban setting, to create a safe, peaceable and orderly City for all.

Violations of the code can result in citations, orders to remove or abate violating conditions, and additional financial penalties for failure to comply.  These unfortunate results can be avoided if we all consider our community and our neighbors and take a moment to Consider our Code.

Anyone interested can review the Kaukauna Municipal Code online at: 

Kevin W. Davidson, Kaukauna City Attorney