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City of Kaukauna


Posted on Sep 27, 2021 by


WHEN:  City crews will start collecting leaves on October 11 (North Side, Ward No.1) and, thereafter, we will attempt to pick up on your normal garbage collection day and continue until final pick-up the week of November 8.

WHERE:  Rake leaves ONLY onto the terrace at the edge of pavement starting October 11 and ending on your normal garbage pick-up day the week of  November 8.

HOW:  Rake in LOW PILES so children cannot be hidden from motorists’ view and close to the curb so as not to interfere with traffic.  Do not put leaves in  the gutter, as they will plug the  sewers.  Have out by 7 a.m.

WHAT:  LEAVES ONLY!  Grass and garden debris will not be picked up.

FALL CLEAN-UP WEEK IS 11/1/21 – 11/4/21

Garden debris, small sticks, and twigs MUST be in the 2-ply Kraft paper compost bags or in an open container with handles not larger than thirty (30) gallons and not weighing more than fifty (50) pounds.  Plastic bags, paper bags or boxes of any kind containing yard waste will not be collected. (Note…there is a difference between a compost bag and a regular paper bag.)

Grass clippings will be accepted.  However, the City of Kaukauna and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources encourage residents to leave their grass clippings on the lawn.  Lawn clippings are a good source of fertilizer and can also make excellent compost.

If there are any questions, call the Street Department office at 920.766.6337.