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City of Kaukauna

Branding Initiative Update

Posted on Mar 31, 2020 by

Even with the current state of uncertainty in the world, our nation and here at home in the City of Kaukauna, staff continue to work on projects already underway, and we are looking forward to sharing progress on our branding initiative as it continues. As you may know, we entered into a contract with Guide Studio in late 2019 to complete a branding initiative in 2020 for the City of Kaukauna. The project was already budgeted, paid for, and underway when COVID-19 first emerged in Wisconsin, and we want to see this project through. As stated, we plan to unveil our new brand later this year.

We have had fantastic participation from our local community in this process thus far – more than 700 people participated in the online survey. We’ll share findings from that survey with you soon. We also hosted three focus groups with key members of the City of Kaukauna staff and invited leaders from our business, non-profits, and community at-large. We are so thankful to the Kaukauna community for rallying behind this project. We are also so impressed by the strong signs of community on display at this difficult time. In a time that is uncharted and ever-changing, it is so refreshing to see the citizens of Kaukauna going out of their way to demonstrate neighborliness and kindness and to support our small business community. Our community is something to be proud of. We are confident that this new brand will be something for our community to be excited about, and that it will reinforce pride in the amazing assets and people we have here.

We will continue to work on this branding process as much as we can remotely and through video conference meetings with our Steering Committee and consultant. We’ll be sharing updates with you on our website and social media channels once or twice a month to keep you in the know as residents, and to give you something fresh and less stressful to think about in these difficult times. 

We are excited to push forward with current City projects as we look forward to the other side of the COVID-19 outbreak in Wisconsin. We will get through these challenging times. And when we do, we’ll have an exciting new brand to unveil and to foster pride in our City.